Sugar dating

Its a favorite. For all the right reasons. In this day and age, sugar dating could be said to be the most mutually beneficial arrangement on the dating scene. In sugar dating, older individuals at the higher rung of the social ladder meet up with the opposite sex, usually at the lower rung of the ladder, for mutually benefitting engagements ranging from career networking opportunities, monetary gifts, companionship, and material endowments of any kind.

For most students, it is a lucrative way to keep afloat of student debt and gain valuable career opportunities and mentorship to propel your career trajectory to a positive spin. Sugar dating is not necessarily premised on a play-for-play, sexual arrangement basis.

However, it all depends on what the “beneficiary” of the relationship wants. (Beneficiary is in an inverted comma because, in reality, both parties are beneficiaries and donors. But we mean the younger individual at the lower rung of the ladder).

What if you do not want any sort of sexual engagement with your benefactor (sugar dad/sugar mum)?

Without a doubt, such a choice is one that is exclusively yours to exercise. However, it all depends on the arrangement that you have with your benefactor. It should be noted that not all “sugar relationships”  have sexual pleasure as the condition for its existence.

This is why we highly recommend that you “set the records straight” concerning the kind of relationship and benefits you are looking for in your prospective benefactor. You can do this from the get-go by adding this information to your profile. You can also press further to ensure this crucial part of your relationship is not being omitted by discussing it with your benefactor through direct messages.

We as, however, strongly advise against having sexual intimacy with a person if you do not wish to do so or if you think the relationship has the potential to be an abusive one. 

What “sugar dating” policy do websites operate?

The datingsites reviewed consistently seeks to provide well-to-do individuals, men and women in the upper echelon of our society with a suitable platform to connect with other individuals at the lower rung of the social ladder for dating, friendship, romance, relationships. No more than that.

It would benefit us to note that that the sugar dating services draw the line to not go astray from anything worthy of a dignifying relationship between the two parties. By necessary implication, this means they operate a stern zero-tolerance policy for sugar babies on our site that have nothing but prostitution, escort services, and even other legal services to offer. This is because it does not fall within the range of services offered as a platform that includes dating and relationships.

Based on this understanding, prospective benefactors, sugar mums and dads who are looking to find sugar babies for whichever of the afore-mentioned outlawed activities or services is in the wrong place and may find failure while doing so.

Sugar dating websites prioritize the security, mental and emotional well-being of its users over anything else is non-negotiable, and this stance of ours will not shift any time soon, or ever.